Standard of Excellence
Scale of Points of Devon Cow

From the American Devon Record Book, 1926

HEAD moderately long, with a broad indented Forehead, tapering considerably towards the Nostrils; the Nose of creamy-white, the Nostrils high and open, the Jaws clean, the Eye bright, lively and prominent; Throat clean, Ears thin, the Expression being gentle and intelligent; Horns matching, long, spreading, and gradually turned up, of waxy color, tipped with a darker shade. 10
NECK of medium length, growing from the Head to the shoulders, and spreading out to meet them. 4
WITHERS fine, Shoulders flat, sloping and well covered. 6
RIBS well sprung from the Backbone, nicely arched, deep and fully developed. 8
BACK straight and level from the Withers, to the setting on of the Tail, Loins broad and full, Hips of medium width and on a level with the Back. 12
RUMPS moderately long and level. 8
HIND-QUARTERS deep, thick and square. 10
UDDER not fleshy, coming well forward in line with the Belly, and well up behind; Teats large, and squarely placed. 20
TAIL thick at the root and tapering, with a brush of strong hair, reaching to the Hocks, and hanging at right angles with the back. 5
THE UNDER LINE as nearly as possible parallel with the top. 6
LEGS straightly and squarely placed when viewed from behind, not to cross or sweep when walking. 5
SKIN moderately thick and mellow, covered with an abundant coat of rich mossy hair of a red color; white about the Udder is admissible, but it should not extend beyond the Navel forward, on the outside of the Flanks or any other part of the Limbs or Body. 6
Perfection 100

Printable PDF files of the above drawings
          Labled drawing
          Cow drawing
          Front and rear views of cow

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