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Please note:
  1. Buy only validly registered cattle.
  2. Confirm that the person selling the cattle is the currently registered owner of them.
  3. Be sure that the person selling the cattle is a current member of the Association, since only a member can request a transfer.
  4. Be sure that the seller applies for the transfer of the registration. It is the seller who must submit the original certificate of registration to the registrar together with the buyer's name and address. If the application for a transfer of the registration is in order, the registrar will mail a new certificate to the buyer.
(2) yearling heifers
Ray Clark, Lyndonville, VT, 802-626-8306      05/01
(4) Seven month old heifers
Ray Clark, Lyndonville, VT, 802-626-8306      05/01
(5) cows, hand milked
Ray Clark, Lyndonville, VT, 802-626-8306      05/01
(1) two year old bull
Ray Clark, Lyndonville, VT, 802-626-8306      05/01
(3) seven month old bull calves
Ray Clark, Lyndonville, VT, 802-626-8306      05/01
Registered bull calf, DOB July 6, 2018. Excellent conformation, well mannered. $ 2,000
David Rapp, Devon Hill Farm, 2007 Bethel Rd SE, Bremen, OH 43107, 740-569-6118, 70-564-2975, 614-725-8463      05/01
(2) Registered heifers born in 2018
David Rapp, Devon Hill Farm, 2007 Bethel Rd SE, Bremen, OH 43107, 740-569-6118, 70-564-2975, 614-725-8463      05/01
An exceptional yearling bull from our line-breeding program.DOB 3/13/18.  Long-bodied, well-muscled, excellenttemperament and excellent conformation as evidenced by receiving ReserveChampion Bull at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional AMD Show and the second highestindividual Breed Standard Score of the 31 head evaluated.  Has been handledextensively.  Tested A-2.  Will be using him for breeding this spring.   Pictured at 8months.  $2,000  Contact us for more information.
Richard Larson,  540-829-5683 Virginia      05/01
This spring’s calving at Morning Star Meadows (Fairfield, Virginia) yielded four beautiful heifer calves that we will be ready for sale in late October or shortly thereafter.
Please contact or 540-817-4514 for more information or to reserve!      05/20
Cape Split Farm Nate "Cape Split Farm Nate" bull calf #11273 b. 11/05/18 to s. Bardwell Farms Duncan #11093 and d. Maple Breeze Brooke #1545. Available p. 04/25/19 in Martinsville/Danville, Va. area. We are owners of a small farm there. Nate is a big boy, sweet, vet checked, and is weaned from mama. $800. Grazes well on grass and looks for grain treats. Photo taken late May. Also wish to purchase a good unrelated bull calf in N. Carolina or Va. Prefer old, classical, dairy physique for offspring. Wish to see parents.
Call Tim/Mary Thompson 207-598-0065      06/06
Three registered heifers born 12-2018 and 01-2019. One bull born 01-2019. Location North Carolina.
For information call breeder, Gurney Davis, ph 336 4316248.      06/10


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