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To list animals for sale send the information to Bonnie Hall

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Please note:
  1. Buy only validly registered cattle.
  2. Confirm that the person selling the cattle is the currently registered owner of them.
  3. Be sure that the person selling the cattle is a current member of the Association, since only a member can request a transfer.
  4. Be sure that the seller applies for the transfer of the registration. It is the seller who must submit the original certificate of registration to the registrar together with the buyer's name and address. If the application for a transfer of the registration is in order, the registrar will mail a new certificate to the buyer.
Miracle Shady Lane Miracle (3421): 3 year old cow — just finished lactating and has been re-bred. She is due to calve in early September. Mira is a beautiful cow with a good temperament. She behaves well in the stanchion and has been milked both by hand and by machine. The results of her Beta Casein test shows that she is A1/A2. She has some white hairs on her withers. $2,400

Halleluja Shady Lane Hallelujah (2767): 4 year old cow — due to calve in early August. She is very sweet and well mannered. She stands quietly in the stanchion while being milked, and will pick up her foot and move it if I nudge her a bit. She has been milked by machine and by hand. Her Beta Casein test results indicate that she is A1/B. (B is a variant of A1). $2,400

Morris Shady Lane Morris (11379): 10 month old bull calf. Judging from his behavior when the girls have been in heat, I'd say he will be ready to do his job this coming Summer — maybe sooner! He is a gorgeous boy. I've been working with him on respecting my space and backing off when directed. His Beta Casein status is A2/B. Mira is his mother. $1,700
If interested, contact Anne Taliaferro at 503-704-6931 email:      04/07

The pictures don't show them at their best, because they still have their shaggy winter coats and have been tromping through the mud in the barnyard. Both cows have been bred to Hartshorn Drake (11252). More Pictures and a copies of registration are available upon request. The pregnancies for both cows have been verified by ultrasound, and if requested, a letter from my vet is available. I can also provide the Beta Casein test results from UC Davis. Both cows have calved easily and are good mothers. I will sell the two cows together for $4,500 or all three animals for $6,000. If you purchase all three together, bear in mind that Morris is Mira's calf. We can transport them within a half day drive from our home in Oregon's Willamette Valley for an additional fee.
Maccabee Ahavah Acres Maccabee (11420): 14 month old bull, halter trained as a calf with a super gentle temperament. He has beautiful lines and comes from our breeding bull Davis's Carolina Nick (11030) who has always done a great job breeding our cows and heifers. Mac has been showing signs for months now that he is ready for breeding now. $2,000
If interested please, contact Bill Lantry at 864-683-8249 email:      04/15
Herd Reduction, 3 year old heifer, not handled, $2,000 plus vet fees for out-of-state shipping. Others available.
Patriots Retreat Heritage Farm, Central Bridge, NY, 12035,, 528-868-9328.      04/25


We are looking to add a bull for our farm. The bull should have good temperament and have been handled. The bull would need to be in the North East. We have three heifers that are ready to bred this summer. Rocky Hillside Farms, Norwich,CT
Nate & Sherwood Raymond      04/25

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