Standard of Excellence
Scale of Points of Devon Bull

Adopted at the AMDCA Annual Meeting May 2022

HEAD masculine, Forehead broad, tapering towards the Nose, which should be flesh-colored; Nostrils high and open, Muzzle broad, Eyes full and placid, Ears medium size and thickness, fringed with hair; Horns growing at right angles from the head or slightly elevated, stout and waxy at the base, tipped with a darker shade. 8
CHEEK full, broad at the root of the tongue, Throat clean. 2
NECK Of medium length and muscular, growing from the Head to the Shoulders, and spreading out to meet them. 8
WITHERS Of medium length and muscular, growing from the Head to the shoulders, and spreading out to meet them. 6
CHEST Deep, broad, and somewhat circular in character. 5
RIBS well sprung from the Backbone, nicely arched, deep and fully developed. 8
BACK straight and level from the Withers, to the setting on of the Tail, Loins broad and full, Hips of medium width and on a level with the Back. 12
RUMPS moderately long, full and level. 10
HIND-QUARTERS deep, thick and square. 10
TAIL Thick at the root and tapering, with a brush of strong hair, reaching to the Hocks, and hanging at right angles with the back. 5
ARMS AND THIGHS muscular. 5
SKIN moderately thick and mellow, covered with an abundant coat of rich mossy hair of a red color; a little white in front of the Purse is admissible, but it should not extend beyond the Navel forward, on the outside of the Flanks, or any other part of the Limbs or Body. 3
BARREL Long and adequate depth and width from the withers to the brisket proceeding to the hips and down to the flank. 6
FEET AND LEGS Straight and squarely placed when viewed from behind, not to cross or sweep when walking with adequate width. Movement shouild be smooth and consistent, the stride long and fluid. Steep angle to the feet with a deep heel, and short and strong flex to the pastern. Thurls positioned centrally between the hip and pin bones. Some flex to the hock but not excessive when viewed from the side and no swelling of the hock. 12
Perfection 100

PDF files:
          Standard of a Devon Bull
          Side view of bull
          Front and rear views of bull

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