Policy on Registration of Embryo Transplants

Registration of Embryos

A Certificate of Embryo Recovery must be filed with AMDCA. This will list the owner of the donor dam, the name and registration number of the mbryo sire and donor dam, the date of the flush, the number of embryos recovered, the number of embryos frozen, and the number of embryos implanted.

A DNA profile of the embryo sire, donor dam, and embryo calf must be filed with AMDCA. Such testing will be done at the owner's expense using a laboratory designated by AMDCA.

If parentage or breed purity is challenged, the DNA information on file will be submitted to the lab for analysis and expert opinion. The cost of the analysis resulting from a challenge by AMDCA will be borne by the registration applicant, otherwise by the challenger.

Registration of Embryo Transplant Calves

Application for registration of embryo transplant offspring shall be made on the regular form.

Registration certificates issued for offspring from embryo transplants shall be designated by “ET” after the name. The owner of the donor dam at the time of embryo collection will be listed as the breeder of the resulting offspring.

Transfer of Embryos

The seller of an embryo or a cow carrying an embryo transplant must provide the new owner with a transfer form supplied by AMDCA, which must accompany the application for registration of the resulting embryo calf.

Fee Schedule

  • Filing Certificate of Embryo Recovery       $20
  • Administration of challenge process      $35 + costs*
  • Registration of Embryo calf      same as natural breeding
  • Transfer of embryo or cow carrying embryo      same as natural breeding
  • *Clerical support in producing records on file with AMDCA. The challenger shall pay for any additional testing, legal fees, etc.

Please Note

The Board reserves the right to limit the number of calves registered from any one cow or bull, to modify and further restrict this policy or to take any other action necessary to maintain the health and genetic diversity of the AMD cattle population.

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